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3/4 sleeve Misfits / Riot Grrrl flannel for sale-

size: originally a men’s size large but i’ve stretched it out to fit a women’s 16 nicely

patches: anarcha feminism [lower back] “Riot Grrrl’s Not Dead” and a Misfits Fiend Club elbow patches

i’ve had this flannel for years and years (it originally belonged to my grandpa) and am looking to pass it on to a loving home,
i’m asking $25 + $3 shipping (within U.S.; $5 shipping overseas) 

message me if you’re interested

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a Bikini Kill custom vest i made for another tumblr grrrl friend;

a magenta vest with Bikini Kill’s The Singles album cover back patches and a leopard anarcha feminist patch in front, with a studded collar and stud adorned back patches and her free matching bow.


email me if you’re interested in having something customized:

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